Frequently Asked Questions

We will post answers to questions concerning Apex Web Creations design work.   Please use the contact form on the Contact page to submit your question.

What are some of the features of designs by Apex?

One of the best features is the ability of our customers to post news and information to the site without the need of a developer.   One of our customers (Java Train ) has been positing news and specials daily for the last four years.

Another feature we offer is click-to-call.  Your customers and potential customers on mobile phones can instantly contact you without remembering a phone number.  They will definitely appreciate the convenience. 

Why should I use Responsive Design with my business website?

If your current website is not mobile friendly, you are probably losing customers.   We can redesign your site using Responsive Design, so that your site visitors may use a laptop, desktop, Android, iPhone, iPad or other tablet, to view your website.   

Could I design my website myself?

You could learn HTML5, CSS3, jquery, javascript, mobile technologies, etc.,  and try it yourself, but that would involve much time on your part.  You would also need to test your site with mobile and desktop browsers to be sure it looks correct.    Also are you confident that your site would look professional when completed?   What about the quality of the photos?   Keep in mind that first time visitors to your site are judging you (either consciously or subconsciously) by your webpage.  

What are the advantages of creating a Responsive site now?

Because so few small business sites are mobile friendly, your site will be at a greater competitive advantage.  If your competition does not have mobile site, visitors will tend to favor your site because of it's mobile access.   This means you have a greater chance of retaining your current patrons, and also attracting new customers.   The sooner you start, the better the chance your competition is not mobile friendly.

I'm interested, but I still have some questions.   What are the next steps?

The first step is to use the contact form to send us your business name, website (if applicable), and the content you would prefer.   We will then meet to discuss the specifics, and will give you a quote at this time.  All of our sites our customized to your needs.   If you decide the quote is too high for your budget, we can see if certain items can be removed to bring the quote in line with your expectations.  If not, we thank you for your time, and hope we can do business in the future.

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